Easy Steps

This is the easiest, simplest and jargon free method of buying space for a website there are only 3 thing you need to think of.

1. The name of the site is it going to be


The "the-name-of-my-site" will be replaced by your chosen name

2. The amount of space needed

• Basic 500mb (347 floppy disks)
• Home 2500mb (1736 floppy disks)
• Professional 10000mb (6944 floppy disks)
• Business Unlimited (an unlimited amount of floppy disks)

3. The data transfer (Translation Every time someone visits your website they will use some of your data transfer allowance eg. if one of your web pages is 10 kilobytes in size (KB) and the images that are on that page are 90 KB then they will use 100 KB of data. Your data transfer allowance is in megabytes (MB), there are 1024 KB in 1 MB.)

• Basic 2000mb
• Home 10000mb
• Professional 40000mb
• Business 1000000mb

Obviously you need to know the costs
This is worked out by the package you have chosen and the extension you have chosen. You can find all the costs by following the easy set up process.

Once you have chosen the name and the package eg. Basic, home, professional or business please click below to go to the easy set up process

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